CDM Cloud Document Management

CDM Cloud Document Management

Application that allows you to manage digital files within an organization.

This application allows you to manage digital files within a hierarchical tree-like structure with folders and subfolders.
Supports all actions in the operations of how to move, rename, copy and delete, both in files and folders.
You can use drag and drop to upload new files and modify the folder hierarchy.


A wide range of file types such as (JPG, PNG, ICO, AUDIO, VIDEOS, and PDF) can be viewed or played directly from the CDM application. In the case of ACSII, Microsoft Office and Open Office files, they can only be downloaded without being viewed.

Security management by roles and profiles with action tracking logs, where they are notified by email to the document management staff, about the actions carried out by users such as (access to the system, upload, move and delete files), yes your assigned profile allows it.

Every file that is registered is encrypted and a link can also be shared with the user requesting the documents.It handles several languages, has an easy-to-use interface and a document search engine.

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