Implementing the payroll into NetSuite in your firm, it's the perfect complement for a true enterprise solution

Payroll and Human Resources module in NETSUITE is a solution developed by WITECC, in order to minimize the headaches which this complexity causes in Costa Rican organizations.

WITECC with more than 8 years of knowledge of the SaaS NETSUITE business platform and with payroll experts in Costa Rica, we offer this functionality in accordance with the legislation and institutional requirements which the Costa Rican labor market demands.

Enterprises in Costa Rica using NETSUITE as its accounting and financial platform, They will have the benefit of having a native solution with this module within their own ERP NETSUITE instance.

Benefits of the WITECC-NETSUITE Module for Costa Rica

 Without complex integrations between information systems, this module will allow them:

  • Payroll administration and its accounting impact in an integrated way, minimizing operating errors in the enterprise.
  • “Look & feel” developed completely in NETSUITE, so that will not experience any difference in your day operation.
  • Easy to set up, the same goodness of NETSUITE.
  • You can add, schedule and delete records from the employees, such as : Asociación Solidarista, wage garnishment, alimony, christmas savings and others deductions.
  • Save time on rework payroll to be fully integrated into NetSuite.
  • Annual schedule of Organization-Wide payments.
  • Personnel actions and receipts electronically and automated.
  • File generation for the payment in your bank (issuing the file in different formats .csv, .txt, .xml, etc.) for the application of online payment to its staff.
  • Integration of Human Resources functionalities with the NetSuite Employee Portal.

Details of the WITECC-NETSUITE Module for Costa Rica

  • Differents payroll’s types: Weekly, Monthly with biweekly payment.
  • Personnel actions integrated in NETSUITE, allowing to have online detail of vacations per employee, warnings, salary constants, liquidations based on the salary of each one of the employees and integrated in his file in NetSuite.
  • Easy to set up by the user: CCSS percentages, Income Tax, Job Hazards, etc.
  • Control of tax credits for spouse and children.
  • Automatic calculation of Income Tax.
  • Control of movements in payroll.
  • Skills and education record.
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  • Control and calculation of overtime and doubles
  • Easy creation of payroll
  • Various reports with the possibility of exporting to MS Excel, MS Word, PDF and CSV
  • Dashboards of the responsibilities of Human Resources.
  • Access at the information online anytime anywhere.

The payroll module is designed to easily customize the payment of the company, as well as how to include single or double overtime, add bonuses, etc., as well as providing additional tools that allow keep detailed and precise control history of its employees or Wage Book.

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