What is a Strategic Information and Communications Technology Plan?

What is a Strategic Information and Communications Technology Plan?

Today technology must generate value for the organization, and CIOs have a leading role in this. Witecc provides a consultancy that allows to have a strategic technology plan that defines the technological transformations in a roadmap of a strategic information technology architecture.

What benefits does an IT Strategic Plan provide?

  • Create a technology vision aligned with the business strategy, visualizing the actions aimed at satisfying the real needs of the business.
  • Prioritizes initiatives and projects on a roadmap regarding the value they will give to the business: When should I do what? What adds more value? Justifying a comprehensive investment plan not only from an operational perspective, but also from a strategic vision of the business.
  • Minimize the risks of a technological transformation being clear about the
    organization's capacity for change.
  • It establishes clear rules with suppliers regarding their selection and negotiations, standardizing management rules. With this you will be able to know which ones are giving the best service, which ones to demand more, which services I can outsource and which ones not.

Key concepts

  • You can only improve what you can manage, you can only manage what you can measure and you can only measure what you actually know how to run.
  • A company that does not clearly know its processes is at a total disadvantage compared to companies that know how to manage and make continuous improvements every day.
  • Without knowing the daily processes of a company it is practically impossible to make improvements or changes in an organized, manageable and predictable way.
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